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Quality Control
Establish strict IPQC/POC standards; A continuous improvement quality management system with a comprehensive goal of customer satisfaction.
Reliability Testing
According to the specific application environment requirements of different customers, Gigac Technology will also increase corresponding testing projects, such as salt spray, acid spray, etc.
Technical Team
The company has a deep reserve of technology and talent, and currently has more than 50 professional and technical personnel. Including 6 professor level senior engineers and 18 high-level talents.
Comprehensive Services
Adhere to the concept of "one-stop" service, establish a complete service system, and have dedicated personnel responsible for coordinating the entire process of pre-sales, in sales, and after-sales
about 15000m 2+

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Welcome to Gigac Technology

Gigac Technology Co., Ltd.It was established in May 2012, which is focus on the Fiber Optical Transceivers Modules and devoted to be the leader of optical transceivers manufacturer in China. The Headoffice is in Chengdu city,China. It is composed by Operation Center, Sales Center, Research and Design Center, Labratory, Productio···

200 + Employees

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Successful Projects

PLCC optical module
12 Parallel luminous modules
Can use reflow soldering

The PLCC multi-channel parallel optical module produced by Gigac Technology is one of the few LCC optical modules in the industry that supports reflow soldering. One year of public relations, successfully solved the pain point of customers being unable to reflow soldering.

Favourable activity
Favourable activity
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